21Teach FAQ

What is 21Teach?
It’s a mLibrary app of FREE STEM based games, apps, videos, e-books, and assessments aligned to the common core for teachers, students, and parents available on the iTunes and G-Play stores. 21Teach is free to download.

What’s a mLibrary?
Just like your community library, where you can access free educational resources, 21Teach allows teachers, parents, and students to access a library of free games, apps, videos, and e-books for mobile devices-smartphones and tablets.

How does 21Teach choose what FREE resources are on their mLibrary?
21Teach listen’s to you! We take recommendations from teachers, parents, and students as to their favorite free educational resource. We review the resource to see if it fits the criteria standards, then the resource is evaluated by teachers for common core and instructional pedagogy. Got a Recommendation? Click Here

Is 21Teach looking for more experts to curate and evaluate apps?
Absolutely, We are looking for educators and education specialists to help evaluate and curate mobile OCR for learning. Contact us to learn more about our 21Teach Educator Curation program.

How does 21Teach meet common core standards?
The mLibrary curates OCR content by aligning it to the common core. The teacher, parent, and students review feature allows for K-12 students to practice Common Core K-12 English Language Arts-Literacy Writing standards.

Why do people call 21Teach the Yelp for mobile educational resources?
Yelp helps you find services, read reviews, and comment about location based services. 21Teach helps teachers, parents and students find free mobile based educational resources, read reviews, and comment on educational resources that are available anywhere through tablets and smartphones.

Why does 21Teach align to the Common Core?
21Teach wants to help teachers, parents, and students have access to inexpensive educational resources that 44 State mandated Common Core Standards.

Why does 21Teach differentiate between apps and games, is there a difference?
21Teach wants to help teachers and parents find the best type of resources for the students, 21Teach defines apps has providing a “multimedia worksheet” of information and practice, and in games there is a reward or competition system. Some of the educational resources can be both an app and a game.

If you have any other questions contact us at hello@21teach.com